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Reply to Nichigon-ama

On the eighth day of the eleventh month in the third year of Koan (1280), I placed before the Lotus Sutra the written petition in which you, Nichigon-ama, expressed your prayer, together with your offerings of one kan of coins and an unlined robe made of thread spun from bark fiber, and reported the matter to the gods of the sun and the moon. In addition, you should not presume to fathom [the blessings of the Gohonzon]. Whether or not your prayer is answered depends upon your faith; [if it is not,] the fault in no way lies with me, Nichiren.

When the water is clear, the moon will be reflected in it. When the wind blows, the trees sway. One's mind is like the water. Faith that is weak is like muddy water, but faith that is resolute is like clear water. The trees are like the principles [of all things], and the wind that sets them in motion is like the recitation of the sutra. You should understand things in this way.

With my deep respect,

The twenty-ninth day of the eleventh month

Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol. 5, page 305.

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