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Unseen Virtue and Visible Reward

Nothing is more dreadful in a person than disloyalty. Since your elder brother and your younger brother have of their own accord become enemies of the Lotus Sutra and abandoned you, they are the disloyal ones, and you yourself are not to blame. But if you neglect to look after their wives, you will certainly be acting disloyally. Should your fief be enlarged, provide for them out of your own stores, sparing no effort to ensure their welfare. Only if you do this will your deceased parents protect you without fail, and will Nichiren's prayers also be answered. No matter what faults your brothers' wives may exhibit, pay no attention. In view of things, I believe that if you simply conduct yourself as I advise, your lands will be further increased and you will win the trust of others.

As I have often said, unseen virtue brings about visible reward. Although your fellow samurai all slandered you to your lord, and he himself believed their accusations to be true, because you have for some years honestly cherished a strong desire for your lord's salvation in his next life, you have been able to receive this benefit. And this is only the beginning: be convinced that your great reward is yet to come.

Again: you must be on good terms with other believers, neither seeing, hearing, nor pointing out anything about them that may displease you. You should remain calm and continue to offer prayers. What I have mentioned above is not merely my own opinion. It is the heart of the three thousand volumes of outer writings and the five thousand volumes of inner scriptures.

With my deep respect,

The twenty-third day of the fourth month

Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol. 5, page 259.

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