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On the Buddha's Prophecy
- Kembutsu Mirai Ki -


No addressee is indicated on the manuscript and so it is believed that "On the Buddha's Prophecy" was intended for circulation amongst the believers. It is dated May (intecalary) 11, 1273.

The title, "On the Buddha's Prophecy," has two meanings: One is Shakyamuni Buddha's prediction that the votary of the Lotus Sutra would appear at the beginning of the Latter Day and spread its teachings despite the great persecutions that would beset him. This title also points to the Daishonin's own prophecy that, in the Latter Day and on into the eternal future, his teachings, true Buddhism, will spread throughout the world to benefit mankind.

This Gosho can be divided into seven sections according to content. Nichiren Daishonin (1) relates that it is a greater blessing to have met Shakyamuni Buddha or the great saints who appeared in the Former and Middle Days of the Law; (2) relates statements and prophecies made by Shakyamuni and other Buddhist matters concerning the Latter Day, the greatness of the Lotus Sutra, and persecutions that will surely befall its votary; (3) outlines the decline of Shakyamuni's Buddhism and proclaims that true Buddhism is to spread throughout the world in the Latter Day; (4) identifies himself as the votary of the Lotus Sutra, that is, the only one who upholds true Buddhism in the Latter Day; (5) shows that Buddhism is no longer alive in India or China and that true Buddhism is to arise in the eastern land of Japan; (6) expands on his prophecy by comparing the omens which occurred in his age with those occurring in Shakyamuni's day; and (7) declares that the Great Pure Law is now arising and warns his disciples of how difficult the mission of worldwide propagation will be.

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