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The Person and the Law
- Nanjo-dono Gohenji -


Nichiren Daishonin wrote "The Person and the Law" from Mount Minobu on September 11, 1281, the year before his death. It is addressed to Nanjo Tokimitsu (1259-1332), the young steward of Ueno village in Suruga province who had been the Daishonin's follower since childhood. The Daishonin wrote this letter to thank Tokimitsu for sending him various offerings via messenger, and also to encourage him. during a bout of illness he was then undergoing. In this Gosho, the Daishonin declares the immense benefit accruing to those who make offerings to the votary of the Lotus Sutra. He also reveals himself to be the original Buddha, fully enlightened to the law of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo by which all Buddhas throughout space and time attain their enlightenment, and he concludes that the place where he dwells is the Buddha land. Moreover, he explains that anyone who embraces this Law will also attain Buddhahood, triumphing over all anguish and leading a life in which all desires are fulfilled.

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