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Reply to Lord Matsuno's Wife


Written on the twentieth day of the sixth month in 1279, this letter was addressed to the wife of Matsuno Rokura Zaemonno-jo, son of Matsuno Rokuro Zaemon Nyudo.

Many facts concerning Matsuno Rokuro Zaemon-no-jo's wife, including her name, the dates of her birth and death, the province where she was born and the identity of her parents, are unknown. She lived with her husband in the village of Matsuno in Ihara District of Suruga Province. They are thought to have taken faith in the Daishonin's teachings at about the same time as her husband's father, although the exact year is not known. The two letters that the Daishonin addressed to her tell us that her gifts were varied and extremely thoughtful in content. She seemed to have taken great care to send items that would be especially useful to the Daishonin.

In this letter the Daishonin states that the Buddha land can be found wherever the votary of the Lotus Sutra dwells. He also declares that the gifts she has sent are supporting him in his daily reading and recitation of the Lotus Sutra and in his discourses on the Maka shikan, thus ensuring the eternal protection and propagation of the Law. He emphasizes the tremendous benefits she will therefore receive by having made these offerings.

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