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Reply to a Believer


This letter is thought to have been written at Minobu in April 1278, when Nichiren Daishonin was fifty-seven. The exact date and recipient are not certain. judging from its content, it is possible that it was written to Shijo Kingo, one of the Da'shonin's staunch followers in Kamakura. Shijo Kingo was then in a precarious situation. His lord and his fellow warriors at the manor showed open resentment toward his belief in the Daishonin's teachings. Nevertheless, he maintained his faith steadfastly in spite of the great dangers involved.

In the first part, Nichiren Daishonin expresses his readiness to face any persecution as the votary of the Lotus Sutra. In the latter part, he encourages his followers by saying that, no matter what obstacles a person may confront, no life is more fortunate and meaningful than one dedicated to the Lotus Sutra. He also teaches that one's work and faith are not two separate things; to strive in one's daily pursuits on the basis of faith is itself Buddhist practice. In other words, faith does not exist apart from daily life but reveals itself in the realm of worldly affairs.

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