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Record of the Orally Transmitted
Teachings of Nichiren Daishonin

- Ongi Kuden -

Chapter 27: The Former Deeds of King Wondrous Splendor [Myoshogonno Honji]

The sutra states, "Encountering the Buddha is as difficult as encountering the udumbara flower. Or as difficult as it is for the one-eyed turtle to encounter a floating log with a hole in it." (LS p. 315, 3LS p. 335)

All living beings are the one-eyed turtle. The log floating in the great sea of birth and death containing the great hollow that is Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is the Lotus Sutra. (Gosho Zenshu p. 779)

The sutra states, "In the midst of the Buddha's Law, there was a king named Wonderful Adornment and he had two sons, one named Jozo and the other named Jogen." (LS p. 312, 3LS p. 333)

Now the common people of Japan are like King Myoshogonno, and Nichiren and his disciples who embrace and chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo are like his sons. (Gosho Zenshu p. 780)

The sutra states, "We have been blessed with great good fortune from past existences and so have been born in an age where we can encounter the Buddha's Law." (LS p. 315, 3LS p. 335)

If one forms a relationship with even a single character of the Mystic Law, the blessings [stored within one's life as a result] will not diminish even after 100 million kalpas and one will be able to polish and manifest Buddhahood inherent in one's own life. (Gosho Zenshu p. 793)

The sutra states, "World Honored One, these two sons of mine have carried out the Buddha's work, employing transcendental powers and transformations to turn my mind away from heresies, enabling me to abide safely in the Buddha's law and permitting me to see the World Honored One." (LS p. 316, 3LS p. 337)

When the parents attain Buddhahood, then so will the child. And when the child attains Buddhahood then so will the parents. (Gosho Zenshu p. 813)

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