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Record of the Orally Transmitted
Teachings of Nichiren Daishonin

- Ongi Kuden -

Muryogi Sutra [Sutra of Innumerable Meanings]

The character 'ryo' [of Muryogi] represents the essential teaching. This is because it means to discern and to encompass. The heart of the essential teaching reveals the three enlightened properties of the Law, of Wisdom and of Action - of the Buddha's Life. However, the three enlightened properties don't refer exclusively to the attributes of the Buddha. Rather, the essential teaching reveals that all phenomena in the universe are themselves manifestations of the Buddha of absolute freedom and that [illuminated by the Mystic Law] they perfectly manifest their individual characters with the emergence of the Buddha nature from within their lives.

For this reason, encompassing the doctrine of theoretical ichinen sanzen expounded in the theoretical teachings, the essential teachings explain actual ichinen sanzen, the principle that each entity is itself a manifestation of the Buddha, originally endowed with the three properties. In other words, each entity's individuality is as unique as cherry, plum, peach or apricot [Jp: o, bai, to, ri] and, just as it is, manifests itself as the Buddha who inherently possesses the three enlightened properties. This is the meaning of 'ryo.' Now Nichiren and his disciples who chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo are the original lords of the three properties. (Gosho Zenshu p. 784)

Chapter 3: Ten Merits [Jukudoku]

The sutra states: "The king [the Buddha] and the queen [this sutra] come together, and this son [a bodhisattva] is born of them." (3LS p. 21)

"The benefit and virtue of a Buddha are boundless, his wisdom fathomless, and his powers vast, but there is some seed or cause which has given birth to them all." (Gosho Zenshu p 786)

The sutra states: "Entering deeply into the secret law of the Buddhas, [the bodhisattva] will interpret [the sutra] without error or fault." (3LS p. 21)

The True Law in the Latter Day of the Law is Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. These five characters are the 'secret law' that will never deceive the people. When the people all have faith in the True Law their country will be peaceful. (Gosho Zenshu p. 786)

The sutra states: "Good sons! Seventhly, the inconceivable merit-power of this [Lotus] Sutra is as follows: if good sons or daughters, hearing this sutra either during the Buddha's lifetime or after his extinction, rejoice, believe and raise the rare mind; keep, recite, read, copy and expound it; practice it as it has been preached; aspire to Buddhahood; cause all the good roots to sprout; raise the mind of great compassion; and want to relieve all living beings of sufferings, the Six Paramitas will naturally present in them, though they cannot yet practice the Six Paramitas." (3LS p. 23)

If all the people in the Land embrace the True Law, then that country will be peaceful. Thus the Hokke Gengi states 'if you rely upon this Law, then the realm will be at peace.' 'This Law' here means the Lotus Sutra. There can be no doubt that if people believe in the sutra, the land will be peaceful and secure. (Gosho Zenshu p. 786)

The sutra states, "Good sons! Ninthly, the inconceivable merit-power of this sutra is as follows: if good sons or good daughters, receiving this sutra, leap for joy; acquire the unprecedented; keep, read, recite, copy and adore this sutra; and explain its meaning discriminatingly and widely for living beings, they will instantly destroy the heavy barrier of sins resulting from previous karma and become purified." (3LS p. 24)

Various sins are just like dewdrops. The 'sun of wisdom' [Nam Myoho Renge Kyo] is capable of dissolving them all.
(Gosho Zenshu p. 786)


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