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"JPD Soka Bodhi Tree"

Lyrics by Unknown

Music by Unknown


I am the hope
For a world of peace
Future belongs to me
And Sensei says
That I must be strong
To be happy and be free

I will grow up to be
Like the Soka Bodhi Tree
Stand tall and strong
In the face of stormy winds
I will grow up to be
Like the Soka Bodhi Tree
So the whole world can see
Sensei's dream for you and me

I never lie
Lies make me weak
I will always fight for truth
Every day I pray
And I polish myself
Shine in everything that I do

I study hard
To become wise
I listen to Mom and Dad
I live each day
As my Sensei says
I will never go wrong that way

Chorus repeat twice

La la la la la la...

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