Soka Gakkai Spirit Archive

The following section has been made to facilitate the archival of Soka Gakkai spirit songs and materials for members.  Please realize that this is a work in progress, and as such, will have minor errors and omissions.

Song Index:

  1. "200 Years from Now"
  2. "Arise"
  3. "Century of Life"
  4. "Cheerful Heart in Unity"
  5. "Dawn Approaches" or "Aa Reimei wa Chikazukeri"
  6. "Dear Sensei" sample mp3
  7. "Fire Me Up"
  8. "Five Eternal Guidelines of Soka" sample mp3
  9. "Forever Sensei"
  10. "Friends" or "A Song of Harmony" sample mp3
  11. "Gakkai Spirit"
  12. "Have a Gohonzon"
  13. "Higher than the Sky"
  14. "I Have a Dream"
  15. "I Seek Sensei" sample mp3
  16. "Impossible Dream"
  17. "In the Darkness We Will Be the Light - March 16" sample mp3
  18. "It's a Small World"
  19. "Jeetenge" sample mp3
  20. "JPD Soka Bodhi Tree" sample mp3
  21. "Just Start Loving" sample mp3
  22. "Lion's Roar" or "Lion's Song"
  23. "Make It Happen" sample mp3
  24. "March Toward the 21st Century"
  25. "Men of Peace" sample mp3
  26. "Morigasaki Beach"
  27. "Morning Sun"
  28. "Mothers of Kosen-rufu" sample mp3
  29. "My Mentor and I" sample mp3
  30. "Ode to Joy" sample mp3
  31. "On Target"
  32. "Our Dream of Peace"
  33. "Renaissance of Peace"
  34. "Ring the Bell"
  35. "Sabse Pyaara Soka Gakkai" sample mp3
  36. "Sailing with Sensei" or "Navegando con Sensei"
  37. "Sensei Oh Sensei" sample mp3
  38. "Sensei, For You"
  39. "Shakubuku Dandies"
  40. "Shakubuku Fight Song" or "Early in the Morning"
  41. "Shakubuku Song"
  42. "Skies of Eternal Victory" or "Song of Kansai"
  43. "Song of Human Revolution" or "Ningen Kakumei no Uta" sample mp3
  44. "Song of Indomitable Dignity" or "Ifu Dodo no Uta" sample mp3
  45. "Song of Mothers"
  46. "Song of the Disciples" or "Doshi no Uta"
  47. "Standing Alone"
  48. "This is Our Time"
  49. "Touch the World" sample mp3
  50. "United" sample mp3
  51. "Vanguard of The New Century"
  52. "Victory" sample mp3
  53. "Viva La Pioneers"
  54. "We'll Go On" sample mp3
  55. "What Can I Do"
  56. "When Liberty Smiled"
  57. "Women's Division Shakubuku Campaign Song"
  58. "World Peace" sample mp3
  59. "Young Lions of India" sample mp3
  60. "Zadankai" sample mp3
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